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7 Significant Life Events We Help Our Clients Navigate

The way we see things, the work doesn’t stop just because we’ve helped our clients tackle the problems that brought them to our door. We’re always looking for ways to add value to our clients’ lives. And sometimes, the best thing we can do is be there during those important life events when they need us the most. Here are 7 examples of those significant life events that we help our clients with.

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5 Reasons Your Financial Advisor Should Help You With Tax Planning

Small business owners and real estate investors both understand that taxes can be considered a filter on how much wealth you accumulate. Early on, they hire accountants to help them avoid tax mistakes and to ensure their business decisions are tax-savvy ones. This allows them to keep as much money as possible to reinvest in their businesses, which in turn allows them to accumulate wealth. This also assumes that a successful small business owner or real estate expert is expert in their field.

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The Difference Between Prince & David Bowie -- An Estate Planning Comparison

Years after their deaths in 2016, Prince and David Bowie have drawn numerous comparisons from admirers. They both had edgy musical styles that captivated millions of people. They both created numerous hits over several decades. They both courted controversy. And they both amassed hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of their star-studded careers.

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