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Worry Less.

Enjoy More.

Delivering Tax-Focused, Fee-Only Financial Planning to Near-Retirees, Retirees, and Surviving Spouses.

Would you like to worry less and enjoy life?

2 firms unite! LFP teams with Oasis!!


Lawrence Financial Planning combine with Oasis Wealth, bringing two talented teams together to better serve our clients.

fiduciaries and fee-only


Acting in your best interest with a servant mentality. We do not receive commissions of any kind; fee-only advisors.

Retirement and Tax-focused


Focusing on near-retirees, retirees, and surviving spouses.

Experienced, Team-based approach 


Team of Credentialed Advisors,  
120+ Years of Experience
5 CFP® Professionals, CPA, CFA, JD, MBA, EA, FQFP 

About Us

Lawrence Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planning firm located in Tampa, Florida, serving throughout the Tampa area, Sarasota, and Orlando. Lawrence Financial recently merged with Oasis Wealth Planning Advisors, allowing us to bring even more resources and talent to serving our current and prospective clients throughout Florida and beyond. Our combined firm at Lawrence-Oasis primarily serves near-retirees and retirees planning for retirement as well as suddenly single individuals.

In our role as fiduciaries, we provide integrated advice on three primary areas to provide confidence for your future:

  • Income tax minimization.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Professional portfolio management.
  • Myriad of related issues.

We help address important questions like the following:

  • Am I on track for a secure retirement?
  • How do I create a reliable income stream in retirement that will last my lifetime?
  • What are the top strategies to minimize income taxes?
  • What am I spending now, and how do I figure that out in the various retirement phases?
  • How do I discover and define my purpose in retirement (and how does that impact my spending in retirement)?
  • What's the right mix of stocks and bonds both now and as my situation changes?
  • How do I select the right investment vehicles, recognizing that cost is one but perhaps not the only consideration?
  • When is the right time to take Social Security?
  • Should I annuitize my pension or take it in a lump sum?
  • How do I select the right health insurance?
  • How do I leave a legacy to my loved ones with minimal tax?

When you talk with us, we will provide you with straightforward solutions, no sales pitch, no commissions. We charge a combination of a flat fee and tiered fee that is calculated based on the complexity of your work, which includes what you own, what you earn, and other factors.

If you want to work with a partner who wants to help you succeed and help you worry less to deliver confidence for the future, feel free to schedule a no-obligation introductory call to see if we would be a good fit.

1. Introductory Conference Call

So, what is the first step? Schedule an Introductory Call with us. There is no obligation, and it gives you a chance to talk over your issues with us before deciding if we are a good fit for your needs. The next step is a Get Acquainted Meeting where we do more in-depth data gathering, answer your questions, and get to know each other.

Schedule a Call

2. Get Acquainted Meeting

Before your Get Acquainted Meeting, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire and share some tax information.  This allows us to prepare our questions for the meeting and provide you with a fee quote.

During our first meeting, we’ll go over your financial concerns and objectives and the solutions we may provide. If we decide we would like to work together, we can discuss how to take the worry out of your financial future and how we can help you achieve the financial independence you desire.

3. Start Planning and Investing

Once we start working together, we become partners in helping you achieve your financial and life goals. We start with a series of meetings that will help you build and strengthen your financial foundation. We are here for you during those life changing moments - job changes, retirement, or any life change you would like an objective opinion on.


We currently are offering our flagship Wealth Planning Services where you would receive ongoing advice, education, and implementation assistance and includes holistic financial planning, tax planning, and investment management. You would receive the greatest service and value from our Wealth Planning Services. If you are looking for an ongoing partnership with a fiduciary advisor, our Wealth Planning Services would be an ideal fit. 

Wealth Planning Services

$2,000 - $5,000
+Tiered Fee based on Assets
Ongoing Financial Planning + Investment Management
Financial Model and Cash Flow Projections - Retirement Analysis
Tax Strategy Overview
Asset Allocation Advice
Tax Planning Year-End Analysis
Other Core Areas (Estate Planning, Insurance, etc...)
Life-Focused Planning and Retirement Coaching
Ongoing Access
Investment Management Services

YOUr Team 

Julie Lawrence, CFP® Photo Julie Lawrence, CFP® Hover Photo

Julie Lawrence, CFP®

Wealth Planning Advisor
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Julie Lawrence, CFP - Tampa FL>

Julie Lawrence, CFP®

Wealth Planning Advisor

Julie Lawrence opened Lawrence Financial Planning in 2009 and continues to serve as a leader, mentor, and advisor for Oasis Wealth. She has been a financial advisor since September 2003. Julie passed the rigorous, ten-hour comprehensive CFP® Board examination in 2003. She holds a B.A. in Management from National Louis University.

Both Julie’s professional experience and life skills have prepared her to be a financial advisor. She has ushered clients through both bull and bear market cycles while providing advice on areas such as investment management, retirement planning, executive compensation, and wealth accumulation.

Julie has been quoted in Financial Planning magazine, Investment News, NAPFA Advisor magazine, the Saint Petersburg Times, MSNMoney.com, the Chicago Tribune and FinancialPlanning.com. She serves as a mentor for for new planners for the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners and is a member of NAPFA.

Julie has lived in Florida since 1977. She has three children. In her spare time she practices yoga, walks, kayaks, and travels.


Steve Martin, CFP®, CPA, JD, LLM Photo Steve Martin, CFP®, CPA, JD, LLM Hover Photo

Steve Martin, CFP®, CPA, JD, LLM

Wealth Planning Advisor
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Steve Martin, CFP, CPA, JD, LLM - Nashville TN

Steve Martin, CFP®, CPA, JD, LLM

Wealth Planning Advisor

Utilizing his deep tax background and broad investment and financial planning experience, Steve acts as his clients' personal CFO. Should you work with Steve and the team, they would help you minimize taxes while structuring a portfolio that ties to your risk capacity and overall goals.  Sure, Steve likes spreadsheets, but he is more interested in uncovering, coaching, and encouraging his clients to use their resources in a way that gives them fulfillment and meaning.  Steve works with a variety of individuals and families nearing or already retired, including executives, small business owners, medical personnel, engineers, and hard-working professionals, among others.


Steve previously worked in multiple but related disciplines in the wealth management space, including as a tax consultant with a Big 4 accounting firm, a tax attorney with a boutique law firm, and as a wealth planning strategist in national private banking firms.

Steve is a member of NAPFA, The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP), The Garrett Planning Network, and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Steve is a frequent contributor to national publications for his expertise on a variety of financial planning topics.


Steve attends The Village Chapel and has been involved in a variety of community projects, including serving in the Rotary and as a Big Brother and board member of his local Big Brothers Big Sisters. He likes to hunt golf balls, cry and shout as he follows Hoosier basketball, and travel throughout the U.S. Steve is also passionate about U.S. soccer as he has attended four World Cups and is awaiting the day for the U.S. to win the Cup on U.S. soil.

Steve is proud of his Midwest work ethic and his Indianapolis heritage, but Steve has become an adopted son of the Southeast where he enjoys a few more days of sunshine, better barbecue, and rivalry-to-the-hilt college football.
Mel Bond, CFP®, CFA, CKA Photo Mel Bond, CFP®, CFA, CKA Hover Photo

Mel Bond, CFP®, CFA, CKA

Wealth Planning Advisor
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Mel Bond, CFP, CFA, CKA - Nashville TN

Mel Bond, CFP®, CFA, CKA

Wealth Planning Advisor

To see his clients’ lives become more holistic and peaceful, Mel combines his deep background in wealth management with a continual search to find a better way that works. He enthusiastically serves as a highly skilled investment manager and financial planner, a listener, a behavioral coach, and a creative problem solver.


Mel has served clients in various roles as part of his 30+ year career in the wealth management space: investment portfolio manager; financial planner; mergers and acquisitions analyst; business co-founder, board member, and owner; economist; and more. In 1995, he co-founded an investment performance measurement service still in use today by hundreds of thousands of investors worldwide.

Mel is a member of the CFA Institute and Kingdom Advisors. For over ten years Mel has been on the Finance and Investment Committees of Monroe Harding, a nonprofit serving foster children since 1893.


Mel and his wife, Kimala, spend much of their free time with their children, grandchildren, extended family, and Truffle, their Bolonka.  Kimala describes their lives by saying, “We love Millennials and their children!” They attend Legacy Nashville and enjoy serving their church family in various ways.

Mel enjoys running, canoeing, gardening and sailing, and is a coffee and tea enthusiast.  Raised in Mobile, Alabama, Mel is a second-generation Crimson Tide fan. (You can take the boy out of Alabama, but...)
Christina Caffrey, FPQP™ Photo Christina Caffrey, FPQP™ Hover Photo

Christina Caffrey, FPQP™

Operations Director and Financial Planner
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Christina Caffrey

Christina Caffrey, FPQP™

Operations Director and Financial Planner

Christina Caffrey is an Operations Director and Financial Planner for Oasis Wealth Planning Advisors, LLC.  She has been with the firm or predecessor firm since 2010, having joined Oasis after the combination with Lawrence Financial.

Christina completed her courses and passed the exam to become a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional with the College for Financial Planning in 2011.  

Christina works directly with clients to open new accounts, transfer existing accounts, process Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and set up account contributions and withdrawals.  She communicates with clients to help implement their plans.  She also serves our clients by updating account information, preparing meeting materials, creating, and assembling financial reports, and conducting client specific research.

In addition to her client work, Christina manages our team and oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm.

Prior to joining Lawrence Financial Planning, Christina worked in the real estate field for over ten years. 

Christina lives with her husband and daughter. She enjoys being outdoors, reading, listening to music, and watching baseball.  

Bria Goldberg, EA Photo Bria Goldberg, EA Hover Photo

Bria Goldberg, EA

Financial Planner
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Bria Goldberg - Tampa FL

Bria Goldberg, EA


Bria Goldberg is a Financial Planner with Oasis Wealth Planning Advisors. She has been with the firm or predecessor firm since 2015, having joined Oasis after the combination with Lawrence Financial.

She graduated from the University of South Florida with her BA in History. Bria passed the rigorous examination to become an Enrolled Agent in 2020.

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service for audits, collections, and appeals.

Bria works directly with clients to analyze their retirement situation, review tax minimization strategies, and provides general financial planning analysis. She also opens new accounts, transfers existing accounts, processes Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and sets up account contributions and withdrawals. She communicates with clients to help implement their plans. She also serves our clients by updating account information, preparing meeting materials, creating, and assembling financial reports, and conducting client specific research.

In her free time, Bria enjoys cooking, baking, and reading.

Kyle Sheldon-Chandler Photo Kyle Sheldon-Chandler Hover Photo

Kyle Sheldon-Chandler

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Kyle Sheldon-Chandler

Kyle Sheldon-Chandler


Kyle Sheldon-Chandler has been with the firm or predecessor firm since its inception in 2009. During this time she has served as an administrative assistant, scheduler, and paraplanner.

Kyle has been in the administrative support field for more than 30 years. She graduated from AssistU in 2003 as a Virtual Assistant. In addition, Kyle has a BBA and AA in Business Administration /Management and became a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional in 2012.

Kyle loves to fish, camp, hike, and ride her motorcycle or dirt bike in the desert. She and her husband have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Kim Chaplin Photo Kim Chaplin Hover Photo

Kim Chaplin

Operations Director
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Kim Chaplin - Indianapolis IN

Kim Chaplin

Operations Director

In Kim’s varied roles over the last several years, her strengths and passions are helping and serving others. She utilizes her communication and attention to detail skills along with her determination to get the job done to ensure clients are receiving the best service possible and that operations are running smoothly.


Kim spent several years working as a Human Resources specialist for a large mutual fund company where she focused on the hiring process and related key human resource issues. Kim has also worked in various positions which have allowed her to use her communication, attention to detail, and organizational skills.


Kim, her husband, their 2 children, and their 3 dogs live in Speedway, IN (famous for the Indianapolis 500). She attends Speedway Christian Church where she has served as a mentor to kids preparing to be baptized. Kim enjoys volunteering for the high school boy’s soccer and cheerleading teams’ Moms’ clubs, serving as a Secretary for the High School Athletic Booster Board, and being a board member for a local pre-school. In her spare time, Kim likes to spend time with her family and her dogs, boating, scrapbooking, watching IU and Pacers basketball, and reading.

Tyler Vaughn Photo Tyler Vaughn Hover Photo

Tyler Vaughn

Financial Planner
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Tyler Vaughn - Knoxville TN

Tyler Vaughn

Financial Planner

Driven to empower people's lives through comprehensive and holistic financial planning, Tyler is driven to help people attain financial freedom, clarity, and vision through service. As a Financial Planner for the Oasis Wealth team, he strives to act on proven data and time-tested methods to provide the best advice possible to clients and their families.


After obtaining his accounting degree from Tennessee Tech and prior to joining the Oasis Wealth team, Tyler gained valuable experience with a financial advisory firm in Knoxville. Tyler’s enjoyment of his accounting, economic, and investment classes fueled his passion to seek a career in holistic financial planning. Tyler is enrolling in additional courses to expand upon his foundation established at Tech.


Tyler hails from Sparta, Tennessee, and looks fondly about his upbringing in a small town. Tyler was active in the fraternity council on the Tennessee Tech campus after having established leadership principles from having gained his Eagle Scout.

Mark Wood Photo Mark Wood Hover Photo

Mark Wood

Chief Support Officer
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Mark Wood - Pompano Beach FL

Mark Wood

Chief Support Officer

Mark provides leadership and support ensuring the Oasis operations run smoothly and efficiently to ultimately lead to a better customer experience. His detailed, analytical nature coupled with his deep consulting experience leads to a mindset of continual improvement within Oasis Wealth Planning. His reputation in the office is that of keeping things light and unpredictable.


Mark began his career in accounting in the Long-Term Healthcare Industry and shortly thereafter obtained his MBA from Indiana University with a concentration in Information Systems. He then spent 18 years consulting for large fortune 500 clients specializing in the implementation of the SAP software – focusing primarily on reporting and analytics with heavy involvement in process improvement, training, and support. His planned one-year sabbatical unexpectedly extended to 7 years due to family matters, giving him the opportunity to discover what ‘retirement’ may look like. He joined the Oasis Wealth team to leverage his vast customer experience and “early retirement perspective” in order to lend his wisdom and skills to help the team serve clients preparing for retirement.


Mark finds himself enjoying life in Pompano Beach, Florida where he is very active outdoors whether it is fishing from the nearby pier, daily walks along the beach front or participating in sports year-round. His interests include traveling the world, gardening (with a new-found interest in propagation) and continual learning. He has a lifelong hobby of attending matches at the soccer World Cup every 4 years. He has a local reputation of making a delicious espresso cheesecake and making some of the finest smoked BBQ spare ribs many have tried. In recent years, he has also spent a lot of time helping his retired military father in Albuquerque, New Mexico and house/dog/cat sitting for various friends and family from coast to coast.


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The firm or members of the firm are affiliated with various regional and national organizations to allow us to provide more resources to our team members and our clients. Whether it is gaining additional technical knowledge, effective tools, practice management know-how, or lifelong friendships, the Lawrence-Oasis team is proud to be affiliated with these great communities.

NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) Tampa, FL Lawrence Financial Planning Oasis Wealth
Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Tampa, FL Lawrence Financial Planning Oasis Wealth

FOCUS on Fiduciary Tampa, FL Lawrence Financial Planning Oasis Wealth

CPA Financial Planner Tampa, FL Lawrence Financial Planning Oasis Wealth

CFA Investment Management Tampa, FL Lawrence Financial Planning Oasis Wealth

CFP Certified Financial Planner Tampa, FL Lawrence Financial Planning Oasis Wealth

Kingdom Advisors Mel Bond Tampa, FL Oasis Wealth

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