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9 Questions That Might Come Up As You Implement Your Roth Conversion Strategy

A Roth conversion strategy might take years to actually implement, particularly for people who have large IRAs they’re trying to convert. During this time, a lot of changes might happen which might impact the way you implement your strategy—or at least things might happen which might cause you to ask yourself, “Am I still doing the right thing here?”

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Do I Want To Pay Taxes On Roth Conversions So My Beneficiaries Don’t Have to?

With the SECURE Act changes, many people who stand to inherit IRAs are now subject to a 10-year rule, which requires a full withdrawal of the IRA balance over a 10-year period. Without proper tax planning, this can cause a significant tax impact to the beneficiary, particularly high-earning adult children who inherit large IRA balances.

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Five Things Your Financial Advisor Should Be Doing to Add Value During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Of all the articles I have read, not one of them was written from a client’s perspective. After all, every truthful adviser will agree that it is times like these where financial advisers should be adding the most value to their clients—wouldn’t be useful to try and capture the client’s perspective in this? So, here is a list of ways your financial adviser should be earning their keep—written from what I believe to be the client’s perspective.

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