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7 Things We Help Our Clients Evaluate When Shopping For Long Term Care Insurance

A good long-term care insurance policy is simply part of the answer to the question: “How can I afford long term care?” Long term care insurance (like everything else related to long term care) is not cheap, and it’s not for everyone. And the difference between a good policy and a bad policy is hidden in the details.

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Seven Things Your Financial Advisor Should Be Doing To Take Work Off Your Plate

An often-overlooked quality of a good financial advisor is the ability to do work that you might not have time for. After all, hiring someone to write a financial plan is completely useless if you aren’t able to (or don’t set aside time to) put the recommendations into action. Even when people feel they just need a checklist of action items to do on their own, life has a funny way of interrupting at the wrong time.

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