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Financial Security After A Divorce

We hold monthly workshops to help people better understand the divorce process.  This is a no-cost, no commitment way for you to learn more about the legal, financial, and emotional impacts of a divorce.

Because finances are not the only concern in a divorce, we often conduct divorce workshops in partnership with lawyers and licensed mental health professionals.  That way, you have a more comprehensive understanding of the divorce process.

Our workshop participants find that after they better understand divorce process, they are more ready to:

  • Tackle the financial challenges in their divorce
  • Set the financial goals for their new life
  • Take action to achieve those goals

If you want to learn more about taking that next step in a divorce, our divorce workshops are a great opportunity to do so. 

Please tell friends, family, acquaintances, and those who work with people who are considering divorce about this important resource.

For more information, contact us: Divorce Workshop

Cost: $0 per participant. Email us  with questions and inquiries about our workshops. Our next workshop is June 4, 2019 at 6 pm. Details are below:

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