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Financial Actions You Should Consider Taking BEFORE Year's End (If You're Still Working)

As we come to the end of the calendar year, people love to put together an end-of-year checklist for things that normally get overlooked throughout the rest of the year. Just as importantly, there are some opportunities that simply go away (at least for that calendar year) come December 31. If you’re looking to tidy up your finances going into the new year, here are ten places to start.

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Seven Things Your Financial Advisor Should Be Doing To Take Work Off Your Plate

An often-overlooked quality of a good financial advisor is the ability to do work that you might not have time for. After all, hiring someone to write a financial plan is completely useless if you aren’t able to (or don’t set aside time to) put the recommendations into action. Even when people feel they just need a checklist of action items to do on their own, life has a funny way of interrupting at the wrong time.

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Health Insurance After a Divorce

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, there are approximately 1 million divorces per year. Of those divorces, roughly 115,000 women lose health insurance in the months following the divorce and 65,000 of those women remain uninsured. Furthermore, many of these women remain uninsured for 2 years or longer. Especially at risk are women who rely primarily on their spouse’s employer-sponsored health care plan.

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